"I Suffered From "Accidental Leakage" For Years...This One Gentle Movement Stopped The Problem Dead In it's Tracks!"
HINT: Sit-Ups Make it Worse!
  • 'Peeing Your Pants'
  • ​Losing that baby pooch (Even if it's been years since you had a baby) 
  • Nagging back pain 
  • ​And building that pre-baby body you've been trying to get back.  
If You Answered Yes To Any of The Questions Above...
It's Me...Meredith!
Hey! I'm Meredith Shirk, creator of Svelte Training & Mom Strong Movement. And a happy mother of my beautiful daughter Sage, and soon to be baby boy! 

I started my health and fitness journey after I struggled for years and years to have success with diets and workout programs. So I immediately started to figure out the exact formula that helped myself and others to get the body of our dreams. I did it...I finally had the body I’d always wanted, and continued to help others reach their fitness goals. 

That was until I entered the beautiful part of motherhood, pregnancy. Little did I know in the beginning that it was going to ruin my body and possibly my fitness career that I had worked so hard for. 

While pregnant, I had to figure out what exercises I could do and should be doing to help prevent the destruction that was about to happen. As I started to learn and continue to strengthen my body, my abs literally started ripping in half. I remember bawling...laying on a yoga mat on the floor looking at my stomach feeling defeated and broken. 

Then came the aftermath of baby Sage who I love so dearly...I was struggling to heal my abs, maintain my strength, and my pelvic floor crumbled. I began to research, experiment, and learn everything I needed to know to restore my body post pregnancy, and after a lot of hard work and dedication, I found the perfect formula that not only restored my body to where it was pre baby, but my core and pelvic floor was stronger than EVER! 
And here I am...down the same road again! My baby boy is due soon, and he’s causing even more pelvic floor issues than my first due to how low he’s sitting. After going through my first pregnancy, and now another one, I want nothing more than to make sure that ALL you Mom’s out there know exactly what to do pre-pregnancy, and post pregnancy, even if it’s been 20 years! 
You shouldn’t have to suffer...pelvic floor dysfunction affects everything! You can’t jump, run, sneeze, cough without peeing your pants, maybe even suffer from back pain. You might feel like your stomach is literally hanging out too...and guess what? It is...your intestines are hanging out due to a hole that hidden in your "inner core" due to pelvic floor dysfunction. And let me tell you...this issue that affects over 40% of women can be reversed without spending thousands of dollars on surgeries, years of rebuilding your core strength with grueling workouts, but a simple, easy, effective 21 day program that anyone can do.

I’m here to help YOU do the right exercises at the right time, rebuild your core and pelvic floor, stop you from peeing your pants, and finally get that pre-baby body back! So let’s do it! TOGETHER!

NOTE: In addition to core healing most women experience more than 10 lbs of weight loss. If you don't more than 10 lbs to lose please keep that in mind. 
What Exactly Is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction? 
And How Can Fixing It Correct Incontinence AND Bring Back That Pre-Baby Belly?
Whether you are dealing with one or both of these issues 
SURPRISINGLY it all starts with fixing the same group of tiny hidden muscles deep in your pelvic region. 

We refer to this as your pelvic floor and want you to think of like the foundation of a house. If you don’t build it house on a sturdy foundation it will eventually topple over and crumble right? 

Well your pelvic floor is no different. It is literally the foundation of your core strength. And for so many of us out there...it is weak and in a state of disrepair...and just like the house I mentioned your body is CRUMBLING all around it. 

 The CRAZY thing is though....it can be repaired SO SO SO EASILY! 
There are a series of gentle exercises you can do daily that will help you to repair that foundation. So you can rebuild that beautiful body you want back so badly AND if you suffer from it correct your embarrassing issue of incontinence. 

AND GUESS WHAT….even if you don’t suffer from that now, if you don’t strengthen that little group of muscles, you will likely end up suffering from one day in the future. 

 It’s leading reason why a lot of the people you know that are getting older have to wear diapers. 

 And for you ladies that have a man that you care about, well they should be doing these same exercises too because the one of the leading causes of prostate cancer in men is a weak pelvic floor believe it or not. So don’t be afraid to show that special man in your life what I am going to show you today because it very well could be the difference in him having prostate cancer some day...
And the crazy thing is that here in America the medical professionals just don’t address it. 

 Not only do they not coach how to fix it (and its easy to fix naturally) but they also don’t teach us how to prevent. And pretty much every other major country out there it is STANDARD care to provide simple exercises and stretches that you can do pre AND post child birth to prevent it. 

 Now your might be thinking...yeah but I had my baby years ago….is it too late? 

 Well it is NOT too late...even if its been a decade or more….you can heal your core in just a few weeks!

So, why is it that they don’t take the time to teach us like they do in Sweden, or Germany, or any other major country besides America? 
The short answer is I have no clue, I could guess that it's just laziness or ignorance, but the truth is I don’t know. 

"But whatever the reason is it has really inspired me to create this movement and do something to change it! I can’t just sit by and watch so many women spinning their wheels to fix something they just don’t know how to fix. Seeing mom after mom say “I just can’t get rid of this pooch no matter what I do”. Or friends sitting around talking about how they wet their pants on the trampoline or when they just laughed a funny joke…."
"I decided to TAKE ACTION. 
 And I am so excited to teach you today the first step."
Now...I'm Not Here to Scare You...But To EDUCATE You!
There is so much shame, embarrassment, and self confidence 
issues but the key is starting with you "inner core"
After Sage was born I was a wreck… I vividly remember laying on my yoga mat and just breaking down into tears. I had just tried to workout and I not only peed my pants but also just felt like I would never be back to where I was…Not to mention...being a fitness professional I am always worried about how I look and especially how I feel about myself.  

It was crazy but I had no idea how to heal my core to a point where the gap would close and I would feel comfortable jumping again… 

That was enough for me... I was just DONE! 

So all I did for the next 6 months was RESEARCH, EXPERIMENT and fail…. Yes fail. I failed so many times in trying to create a system for myself that actually worked.

But the good news is my failure is your gain. I spent so many hours figuring out what worked and didn’t work that I would consider myself an EXPERT in the art of not peeing my pants lol. 

So as my knowledge and experience grew, so did my skillset and success… Not just for myself but for my clients as well. I started to see real results that fueled my motivation to keep learning and keep healing.
Just look! 
This was me, 6 months after Sage was born! 
And all that time learning, experimenting, researching...I DID IT...I FIGURED OUT THE SOLUTION! 

I am so proud to introduce you to you ladies...my 21 Day Mom Strong Program. Where I teach you step by step what to do each day in just a couple minutes a day, super simple movements not only get your "inner core" re-activated but begin to heal your core and pelvic floor because they’re all connected. I’ve taken all of the years of teaching and learning to help my friends, family, and clients to solve this massive problem in a very simple way! 
Because In This Simple 21 Day Follow Along Program...
I'm going to give you ALL the tools you need to solve these problems once and for all! This program is effective no matter if you've had a child 2 weeks ago or 10 years ago! 
21 Follow Along Workouts - $97 Value
Take your Mom Strong Program ANYWHERE! Our Program includes: 
  • 21 full follow along workouts
  • Descriptions and how-to videos
  • Designed specifically for mobile devices to look great on all smart phones including but not limited to iOS and Android. 
Activity Log and Calendar 
In this log, I provide you with the exact healing plan that you will follow for the next 21 days. You are told what days exercise, what exercises to do, how many set and how to recover! I put this together like this because I want you to never be confused with what you’re doing. 
Detox Water Guide - $19 Value
Most detoxes are absolute garbage and they just steal your money. But there are a handful that are fantastic. Just remember detoxes are just that… detoxing! They aren’t magic. The recipes in this guide will educate and teach you when you should perform them and how they work. So you can stop wasting your money on detoxes that have no research backing them and actually start seeing results.
How To Fix Your Haywire Hormones - $29 Value
Are you frustrated with hot flashes, weight gain, loss of energy and just overall BLAHS? Well… your hormones might be going HAYWIRE. I cannot tell you how many moms I have trained that have completely overlooked this NOT so small dilemma. So let me take the guess work out of out of it for you with as easy to understand guide PLUS actionable fixes that you can start implementing today!
Retail Value $145 
Don't take my word for it...
Join The Mom Strong Movement Today!
Reverse the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction...with simple easy movements that will help you get your pre-baby belly back and stop those embarrassing leaks! 

You deserve this! 

As mom’s we give so much to our little ones, and our family. It’s time to do something for you! 
Something that can be done with our busy lives! In Just 21 days...minutes a day, this program has simple effective movements that are going to help you be the strongest and sexiest that you’ve ever looked! It doesn’t matter if you’re 2 weeks post baby or 2 years post baby! 

Give yourself the gift you’ve always wanted!
Mere's 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We're so confident that this program will work for you, because it's worked not only for me, but for thousands of others! This program is worth every penny! There's women spending thousands to fix pelvic floor dysfunction with invasive surgery, why not try this first? 

You don't have anything to lose! Try this program completely risk-free! If you're not satisfied within 30 days, we'll refund you in FULL! 
Mom Strong FAQ's
  • What if I am mom but it's been years since I had kids?
Absolutely! You can always strengthen your pelvic floor muscles no matter how long they've been weak. Think of the 21 Day Mom Strong Program like physical therapy.
  • If for any reason I don't like the program, how do I get a refund? 
Just shoot us an email to support@momstrongmovement.com and we'll take care of you ASAP!
  • When I purchase the 21 Day Mom Strong Movement Program how will it be delivered to me? 
You'll receive the program as a digital PDF guide along with workout videos that will be provided through a link after you purchase. We'll also email you the link so that you have easy access. You'll be able to view from your mobile device, computer, or download it if you prefer. 
  • What if i'm pregnant right now? 
We always recommend you consult with your physician fist and foremost.  That said, we have many pregnant women doing the program and they love it
  • Are there any exercises I should avoid?
It's all detailed for you in the program but sit ups are on the short list for example.  No need to worry at all.  And like I said, if you see anything you can't do.  Simply call or email us and our trained reps will either provide an alternative or give you your money back in full.
  • What if I didn't have children?
You're not alone! So many of our success stories are women that had incontinence issues and never had children. Rest assured this will work for you too!
  • What if I just had my baby?
Please make sure you are cleared by your physician prior to starting.  That said, you can purchase the program right now today and it will be waiting on you for when you are ready. And if you are not cleared for any reason, simply let us know and we will issue you a full refund.
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